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About Us

As a local community bank, the mission of First National Bank is to enhance shareholder value by profitably delivering high-quality customer services that meet the financial needs of the Williamson, West Virginia, community, its businesses, and its citizens. We do this while creating an environment that promotes and rewards employee development.

Bank History

The First National Bank of Williamson is truly proud to say we have been serving the coalfields since 1903. Our history goes back to the early days of the City of Williamson, West Virginia. Wallace J. Williamson was a member of the Williamson family who founded the City of Williamson in the late 1800s. Mr. Williamson also founded the city's first bank and became the Bank's first President. That Bank, chartered on June 11, 1903 as The First National Bank of Williamson, has been an integral part of our Community ever since. We remained strong through the Great Depression, and have survived numerous other hardships as well.

Wallace Williamson

Rebuilding & Growing

Our building was heavily damaged by an explosion in 1974, and was greatly devastated by the flood of 1977, during the course of rebuilding. We were hit again by the flood of 1984. However, we recovered from those setbacks and continued serving our communities' financial needs, and began to look for new opportunities. In 1987, First National acquired and renovated the Hobbs building next door for the expansion of our lobby. That same year, we further expanded by building a convenient drive-thru location on 4th Avenue. And, our latest expansion came with the opening of a branch office in Pikeville, KY in 2005.