About Us

The Bank’s History

Here at First National Bank, we’re truly proud and honored to have been serving the coalfields of West Virginia and Kentucky since 1903. That’s more than a century of history dating back to the City of Williamson’s earliest days. Wallace J. Williamson, a member of the family who founded the city in the late 1800s, is also the founder of the city’s very first bank. On June 11, 1903, that bank was chartered as The First National Bank of Williamson, and, to this day, it has remained an integral part of the community. We’ve survived depressions, recessions, and many other hardships, and we will continue to persevere for the people of our local area.

Growing & Rebuilding

In 1974, our building was heavily damaged by an explosion. Then, when we were in the process of rebuilding, the severe flood of 1977 caused even more devastation. We were hit again by the flood of 1984. Every single time, we worked hard to triumph over these setbacks and find new opportunities to support our community’s financial needs. In 1987, we acquired and renovated the Hobbs building next door in order to expand our lobby. Later that year, we further expanded by building a convenient drive-thru location on 4th Avenue. Our most recent expansion came in 2005 with the opening of our new branch in Pikeville, KY.